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Advanced Tap Routines

with Lyn Cramer Item #ATR

Advanced Tap Technique

with Lyn Cramer Item #ATT

Beginning Tap Routines w/ Lyn Cramer

with Lyn Cramer By Popular Request, Lyn brings you three full tap dances especially choreographed to make beginners of any age shine! Item #BTR

Beginning Tap Technique

Curriculum for a Beginning Class in Tap Are you starting a new tap class in your studio? Have you been teaching tap for years and just needing some fresh ideas or inspiration? Let Lyn Cramer help you out with a full step by step curriculum for a beginning class in tap. Item #TPB

Chor for Rec Ser 1 Part 2 - Tap w Lyn Cramer

Item #E11-1

Chor for Rec Series 1 Part 2

Item #E11

Choreography Club Vol 1

* Lyrical Combo with Cathy Roe * Tap Combo with Lyn Cramer * Jazz for Kids with Cathy Roe * Latin Jazz Combo with Angelo Moio * Item #C1

Choreography Club Vol 4

Jazz Combo with Cathy Roe * Tap Combo with Lyn Cramer * Reggae Jazz with Angelo Moio * Choreography and Staging tips with Cathy Roe * Modern Jazz with Amanda Hill. Item #C4

Choreography Club Vol 5

* Lyrical from Cathy Roe's Dance Spectacular opening number at Cathy's Ultimate Dance Competition Finals in Las Vegas! * Tap with Lyn Cramer * Jazz with Angelo Moio * Introducing, Natasha Jansen, winner of Cathy Roe's Choreographer of the Year Award 2005. Item #C5

Choreography Club Vol 6

Intermediate Tap with Lyn Cramer * Jazz with Angelo Moio * Lyrical with Cathy Roe * Hip Hop with Luke Loffelmacher * Introducing Keithe Williams, Cathy Roe's Teacher of the Year Award 2005. Item #C6

Choreography Club Vol 8

* Advanced tap with Lyn Cramer * Jazz with Cathy Roe * About Lyrical * Musical Theatre with Cathy Roe * Spotlight on Ballet choreography. Item #C8

Choreography for Recitals Series Two Package

Double Volume Set with CD Soundtrack Item #CR2P

Choreography For Recitals Series Two-part two

Double Volume Set with Audio Soundtrack. All eight full length pieces taught slowly from the back and then performed on stage to show staging and costuming ideas. Also includes the audio soundtrack on a compact disc (CD only) Item #E13

I'm Learning Tap

A "do at home" practice tape for children learning tap dance. *Make teaching easier!* *Help your students learn faster!* *Increase your profits! ...With this "PRACTICE AT HOME" DVD. Item #ILT

Intermediate Tap Technique Three

"Learn to Teach" Expert Tapper Lyn Cramer takes you through an intermediate level III tap class including warm-up and center floor work including time steps, traditional steps, pick ups and wings. Across the floor work and a combination are also on this tape. Item #IT3

Intermediate Tap Technique Two

Learn to Teach. This exciting intermediate level tape is the continuation of our "Learn to Teach Tap" series. Warm-up and center floor work, loads of time steps, across the floor work and one combination are all on this tape. Item #IT2

Tap Dances for Recital and Competition

Intermediate to Advanced Two new full tap dances with Lyn Cramer!! Item #TDRC

Tap Dances with Props

"Learn to Teach." A delightful video which teaches the essential art of using props for dances! Item #TDP

Tap Dances You've Been Praying For

with Timothy Miracle Clever, imaginative and entertaining are only a few words describing this wonderful choreographer who brings joy and delight to the stage. Item #TM

Tap Dictionary

"Learn to Teach" Item #TD

Tap Styles

with Lyn Cramer. Lyn teaches two intermediate routines and discusses different styles of tap. Item #TS

Turns for Tap

with Lyn Cramer. Over 50 turns for tap are broken down and performed by Lyn Cramer Item #TTL
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