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How to Choreograph - What I never learned in school

Cathy discusses the artistry of YOU as an individual and how to use your own experiences to create your vision. Cathy then discusses dancing from the "inside out" and shows you examples to exemplify this concept. Understand how to use music and create your own personal style. Learn how to avoid the cliche and implement elements of surprise. Hear from professional choregraphers as they reveal their "bag of tricks":  What works for them in settings from artistic concerts to studio recitals to commercial industrials.




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Price: $29.95

Additional Details

Age Level: Teens/Adults

Skill Level: Beginner

Length: 1 hrs 26 mins

Featured Instructors

Cathy Roe

Cathy is an international dance educator with a degree in dance from Western Michigan University. She is the owner of Cathy Roe Video Productions and Santa Fe Studio Stage. Her experience includes work as a television choreographer, University dance director and studio owner. She has received numerous choreographic awards including the New York Film and Television Award.

Lyn Cramer

An associate professor of musical theatre in dance at OU, Lyn Cramer has been a teacher, choreographer and director for over 30 years. She directs at regional theatres including Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma, Music Theatre of Wichita and Casa Mañana. Cramer’s professional acting career began in 1982, and she is a member of the Actor’s Equity Association and Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers. Featured on instructional tap videos, Cramer has been a master teacher throughout the United States and has published curriculums in jazz and tap pedagogy. She has served as an adjudicator and master teacher in musical theatre dance at the Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts.

Audrey Derell

Audrey Derell is the owner/director of Charisma Dance Company. She was a member of the Finnish National Ballet, Ballet Celeste and the Brussels Opera Ballet. She has a BA in dance and painting from the University of New Mexico and also is an ACE certified Aerobics instructor. She currently teaches jazz and ballet for children in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Angelo Moio

Angelo Moio is a professional dance teacher, choreographer and competition judge. Along his way to the Strip, Moio has been a backup dancer for Gloria Gaynor; a principal character dancer with Nevada Festival Ballet; resident choreographer at TV-B, Hong Kong's largest TV station; dance captain and performer for Las Vegas’ Legends In Concert with Juliet Prowse; assistant choreographer for Broadway’s version of Legends In Concert; Siegfried & Roy dance captain and dancer (from inception to 1992); choreographer of special events and Christmas shows at Excalibur Hotel in Vegas and industrials for IBM and Mutual Of Omaha.

Robert Stivers

Robert Stivers came to photography through the world of dance, which he performed professionally until he suffered a serious back injury. Restricted by the types of movements he could do, Stivers decided to choreograph his own pieces, allowing him to explore how his spine moved. Around the same time, he started using a camera to document his performances, often creating movements specifically for the camera. Soon after, Stivers starting filming his dances with a Super-8 camera, transferring the film to video, then photographing the monitor. The result of this elaborate process is a series of images where figures float in total darkness and limbs appear to exist without a body attached. These are soft, unfocused images about memory, birth, longevity, eroticism and the threads that link all people together. "The dance he proposes and encourages throughout his work is not merely a dance of the eye - not uncommon when engaging in photographs - but an imaginary dance of the whole body". For more information on Robert Stivers, please visit www.robertstivers.com.

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