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Compete with Confidence

Actual competition footage is used while well known judges such as Angelo Moio, Lyn Cramer, Mark Moschello and Cathy Roe discuss ways for your students to have the best competition experience possible.

Competition judges are asked very direct questions to get you straight answers about what judges do and don't want to see.
You will be lead through all of the aspects of planning and executing your performance skills. Valuable tips about choreography are discussed and may be very surprising! This tape is sure to enhance your competition experience and elevate your performance quality in all venues.




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Price: $19.95

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Length: 0 hrs 48 mins

Featured Instructors

Cathy Roe

Cathy is an international dance educator with a degree in dance from Western Michigan University. She is the owner of Cathy Roe Video Productions and Santa Fe Studio Stage. Her experience includes work as a television choreographer, University dance director and studio owner. She has received numerous choreographic awards including the New York Film and Television Award.

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