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Body Electric

Electrifying dances for recital and competition. Cathy Roe brings you two dances for large groups of dancers that will have audiences jumping from their seats with the contagious excitement of electrifying energy. Includes teaching segments of dance combinations and slow motion demonstrations of staging. Item #BE

Chor for Rec Series 1 Part 1

Item #E10

Choreography Club Vol 4

Jazz Combo with Cathy Roe * Tap Combo with Lyn Cramer * Reggae Jazz with Angelo Moio * Choreography and Staging tips with Cathy Roe * Modern Jazz with Amanda Hill. Item #C4

Choreography For Recitals Series Two-part one

Double Volume Set All eight full length pieces taught slowly from the back and then performed on stage to show staging and costuming ideas. Also includes the audio soundtrack on a compact disc (CD only) Item #E12

Classics All Jazz'd Up

Now some of those favorite classical melodies we love are set to techno and tribal beats. The dances are bold, brilliant and beautiful! Fabulous stage design and fascinating choreography make this a sure hit for your recital or competition season. Use contemporary versions of classical hits for a great recital theme! Item #CJ

Contemporary Dances Vol One

For Recitals and Competitions. Features three fully staged dances in the contemporary style. Item #CDRC

Contemporary Dances Vol Two

For Recitals and Competitions. Features three fully staged dances in the contemporary style. Item #CDV2

Dances of the Spirit

Perfect for liturgical performances or sacred celebrations. Dance is the perfect medium with which to touch the spirit. Cathy Roe demonstrates three exquisite dances, perfect for liturgical performances in church, for weddings, or any sacred celebration. Item #DSP

Dances of the World's Beat

Learn to Teach. Enter the intercultural dimensions of jazz dance with this innovative, cutting edge choreography. Dances from around the world would make a great recital theme! Item #WB

Dancing Deep

Touching the Universal Heart of Audiences. These dances tell stories that touch the universal heart of all audiences. Item #DAD

Dancing to Wonderful Songs Package

Cathy brings you an entire suite of dances choreographed to the songs of Stevie Wonder. A great recital concept! Item #SWB

Dancing to Wonderful Songs Vol. 1

Inspired by the beautiful lyrics and amazing diversity of Stevie Wonder's music, Cathy brings you three new dances in lyrical and modern-jazz styles. Look for Volume Two if you would like more dances to the songs of Stevie Wonder!! Item #SW1

Dancing to Wonderful Songs Vol. 2

Inspired by the lyrics and amazing diversity of the music of Stevie Wonder. Cathy brings you 3 new dances in Jazz, Latin-Jazz and lyrical styles. Look for Volume One if you would like more dances to the songs of Stevie Wonder!! Item #SW2

Duets and Trios

That Dare to Be Different! The Duets and Trios on this DVD are beautiful, contemporary and are composed to show design, relationships between dancers and innovative concepts. They take command of the stage and capture the attention of your audience. Dare to Be Different! Item #DTRC

Habanera Jazz Ballet

All Jazzed Up!! This 60 minute video teaches a full length production number to the Aria, Habanera, from Carmen. The music, arranged by Paul Schwartz (click on the following link ARIA 1 AT AMAZON.COM to hear a clip of the song), accompanies Cathy's beautiful "jazz ballet." Exciting Latin rhythms blend contemporary modern and jazz styles in this six minute production number, perfect for competitions and recitals. Item #HB

Lifts and Partnering

The video starts by explaining exercises for strength training, balance and trust and then lead you through lifts and partner work in a variety of styles. Item #LRL

Love Stories

Dancing the Love of Life, Earth, Spirit and Each other Love stories is a great performance theme as there is much to dance about. The sky is the limit and your love stories can unleash your creative spirit. Item #LS

Making Spirits Bright Vol. One

A Holiday Dance Extravaganza Are you weary of the Nutcracker every Christmas? This year, take your town by storm with a dazzling Alternative Holiday Performance! Cathy has choreographed and conceptualized an all new production using well-known holiday favorites that will lift the spirits of any audience. Includes the CD soundtrack. Item #MSB1

Making Spirits Bright Vol. Two

A Holiday Dance Extravaganza Volume one was such a big hit, that Cathy created a second volume to enhance your holiday production! - The spirit is uplifted with these beatiful dance styles featuring soulful lyrical, sign language and gospel. The CD soundtrack is included! Item #MSB2

Many Faces of Jazz Vol. Two

With this volume, continue to explore the many faces of jazz while learning a brief history for each style, noting it's roots and charcteristics. Volume Two includes; Broadway Jazz, Lyrical Jazz, 40's Jazz, and Modern Jazz. Item #MF2


The elegant blending of modern and jazz dance. This 90 minute tape trains the teacher in how to teach modern jazz dance, the ULTIMATE in training alignment, abdominal strength and correct placement. Item #MJ

Rhythm of the Spirit

To get the soundtrack, go to our music page and choose Rhythm of the Spirit Soundtrack. All songs used on the DVD are available on this soundtrack. Item #RSP

Solo Dances

Cathy and her guest teachers bring you four solo dances that fill the stage with interest and dynamics. Includes a beautiful lyrical solo taught by Cathy Roe's Ultimate Dance Competition's, Choreographer of the year 2004, Sou Coutts. Item #SD

Splendor of Lyrical Volume Two

This second volume of The Spendor of Lyrical teaches strikingly beautiful dances! In Cathy's distinct style, she blends the vocabulary of jazz, ballet and modern to create the divine movement of lyrical Item #SPL2

We Will Rock You

Item #WWRY
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